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A community of variety where different fields & individuals are coming together to share knowledge and grow together

developer community focusing on personal development and software development
developers and engineers who focus on a healthy mindset and create valuable content in computer science on social media

A place for individuals which focuses on cross-disciplinary collaborations to get the best results for each other considering a variety of perspectives.

We focus on developing social and technical skills to get on the next level.


Many of us focus too much on our career or skills and neglect an even more important field of our lives - self development.

many developers and programmers focus too much on software development and neglect an important field of their lives - personal development


A community which focuses on supporting each other by sharing and creating valuable resources which helped us grow individually

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We provide resources that will help you become #devinitelyhealthy

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tools which increase the productivity for developers and software engineers with focus on time management and coding resource
helpful books for personal development and computer science selected by developers and engineers in create computer science

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We also have a discord channel where everyone can share and support each other on a daily basis.

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